Divorce Process Options

The end of a personal relationship can be the beginning of traumatic and unfamiliar emotional feelings, family disruptions, financial changes and legal processes.

At Sharp Family Law, our skilled negotiators focus on helping you to work through and settle issues wherever possible out of court. However, if your situation requires court intervention, we are prepared, experienced and strategic Litigators.

Our aim is to find the most secure, long-term outcome for you and your family. To achieve that our solicitors spend time upfront understanding your situation and listening intently to your concerns, goals and fears. By doing so we can help you select the right option for handling your separation, divorce or family issue, including:

Constructive Negotiation

Skilled negotiation enables separating and divorcing couples to reach agreements through a constructive, solution-focused approach that is centred on your most important goals for the future.
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Collaborative Law

Experienced Collaborative lawyers help separating and divorcing couples to reach a resolution respectfully, in private and without the threat of court action.
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Family Mediation

With the aid of a neutral professional mediator, separating and divorcing couples can reach mutual decisions on their issues without court intervention.
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Court Litigation

Family lawyers experienced in court litigation represent clients in court through strategic litigation. We are skilled litigators who never lose sight on the importance of a constructive and sensible, cost proportionate approach to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.
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Professional Support

Expert guidance is available for divorcing and separating couples who are keen to handle matters themselves with the support of a lawyer. The client and the lawyer can agree to limit the scope of services that the lawyer provides.
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However your issues are handled we will help you focus on what matters most so you can achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Contact us to arrange a time to talk through which option might be right for you and your partner

I have very much appreciated your help with what could have been a far more stressful phase in my and my ex’s lives. I have emerged in as good a state of mind as I could have hoped for; My ex is comfortable and is well provided-for and I have sufficient to ensure the final years of my working life and my retirement will be financially secure, both boys are happily going their very individual ways and are secure in the fact that their parents’ divorce has been handled considerately and to the best ends for both parties, and neither I nor my ex have incurred any more legal costs than necessary to complete the process.”

I found the meeting yesterday very useful. You made me feel very relaxed and I know I am now in the best of hands with the process I am about to go through.”


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