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How will I manage household bills? How long will I have to pay monthly support? Will our savings and investments be shared? A relationship break up comes with many questions over handling finances. However, you needn't look for answers alone.

Considering how shared finances can be divided to support separate households can feel complex and overwhelming. Our tailored legal advice will help you untangle these issues and create a staged plan to tackle them, for example focusing on:

  1. Immediate financial concerns
    From managing day-to-day bills to finding out what financial resources are available to you, we work with you to alleviate some of the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the beginning of life apart.
  2. Long-term financial solutions
    Pensions, savings, a shared business, the children’s education… We can help you secure long-term considerations for your family.

How we can help

Every family or couple have different financial situations, priorities and goals. So to identify how we can help, we first get to know what’s most important to you. Then we support you to overcome short-term challenges and move forward with certainty and peace of mind.

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“Your guidance and steadfastness when things were getting difficult will always be appreciated. Your calm, knowledgeable and meticulous approach kept the good ship afloat when it was in danger of floundering. Many thanks.”


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