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Our family lawyers in Bristol offer sensitive, pragmatic advice and representation for a range of family law matters, including the breakdown of your relationship or marriage, the care of your children, the future of your home and your financial situation.

We appreciate that every client’s situation is unique. That is why we offer a tailored approach to match your personal requirements. We use non-confrontational methods to resolve family law matters, including round table negotiation, collaborative law and family mediation, ensuring vital relationships are preserved where possible. All of our solicitors are members of Resolution, the leading association of family law professionals that promotes a constructive approach to family issues based around the whole family’s needs.

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Virtual meetings via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and other digital platforms have become the new norm for many of our meetings during the COVID-19 crises. We can conduct them as you would prefer online or face to face safely at our office in Bristol.

We continue to follow official guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England carefully. Consequently, to limit any cross-contamination or spread of any germs to our clients within our office, we stick to:

  • Keeping a 2-metre distance with anyone that you may come into contact within the building
  • Using hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. They are provided in each office, WC, Reception area, and meeting rooms – areas of heavy use, for example, door handles, telephone receivers and keyboards are cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Limiting the number of people using the conference and meeting rooms at any one time to allow for social distancing measures.

Disposable surgical face masks are also made freely available for your use.

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Our office in Bristol is conveniently located on Orchard Street in central Bristol and is easily accessible by car, bus or train.

Getting to us by car

We are located within walking distance of a number of car parks, including Trenchard Street and Queen Charlotte Street NCP.

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Our office is located within walking distance of the city centre, which has bus stops serving every route in the Bristol area.

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Bristol Temple Meads Station is just a 15-minute walk away from our office.

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We strive to make our services as accessible as possible. If you have any specific requirements when visiting our office, please contact us so we can discuss how we can accommodate you.

Our family law services in Bristol

Divorce and separation

When a relationship ends, it can give rise to a lot of traumatic and unfamiliar feelings, as well as disruption to your family life, financial uncertainty and various legal processes. Our divorce solicitors in Bristol will carefully guide you through every stage of an online or postal divorce process, including starting or replying to your Regional Divorce Unit.

We specialise in the use of solution-focused methods for resolving family disputes that arise during separation or divorce, including collaborative law and family mediation. Taking this approach can help to reduce the chances of a costly and time-consuming court case.

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Children and parenting

If there are any children involved in your relationship, they will naturally be your primary concern if you are going through a divorce or separation. Our children law solicitors in Bristol offer pragmatic advice to protect your children’s wellbeing and get in place effective parenting arrangements going forwards.

We can help to organise your child’s living arrangements and maintenance payments, as well as provide advice on other related matters, such as parental responsibility. Managing Partner Richard Sharp is highly experienced in disputes involving the relocation of children within the UK and internationally.

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Divorce and finance

The breakdown of a relationship is bound to be a time of uncertainty, and dividing assets such as pensions can often lead to further disputes and disagreements. Our divorce solicitors have specific expertise in helping clients deal with the complex financial matters that can arise from divorce, with particular experience advising on finance matters for families and individuals with international connections, including in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

We can help you reach an agreement over complex financial arrangements such as the division of pensions or intangible assets, as well as helping you to deal fairly with complex assets such as businesses and trusts. Our aim is that together we find the most secure, long-term personal and financial outcome for you and the family.

Our specific expertise in this area extends to handling issues such as spousal and child maintenance, dividing pensions and dealing with the future of any properties you jointly own with your former partner. We utilise various methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve these matters out of court, but we are also able to provide representation in cases where court litigation is unavoidable.

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Cohabitation agreements

There is a common misconception that a ‘common law marriage’ exists in the UK, which would entitle couples to a share of their partner’s assets if they separate. While this is not the case, cohabiting couples can sign a cohabitation agreement to set out what will happen if their relationship were to end.

Our cohabitation agreement solicitors in Bristol can work with you to draft a cohabitation agreement that sets out what will happen to your property, finances and children if you separate.

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Prenuptial agreements

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Bristol can give you expert advice on prenuptial agreements. We can help you draft an agreement that protects your best interests and is legally compliant. While prenuptial agreements are not currently legally binding, they can carry significant weight if a case is later brought to the courts.

If you are already married or in a civil partnership and you wish to make an arrangement with your partner, we can also help you to draft a postnuptial agreement.

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Separation agreements

If, for any reason, you and your partner no longer want to live together, our separation agreement solicitors in Bristol can help you in making a separation agreement that will help to clear up certain practical and financial responsibilities.

If you choose to apply for a divorce in the future, your separation agreement can help to make the process much more straightforward and ultimately less stressful.

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Local resources for family law matters in Bristol

Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre

This court handles cases relating to adoption, childcare arrangements, divorce hearings and domestic abuse.

Bath Law Courts (Civil, Family and Magistrates’)

This court handles cases relating to childcare arrangements, divorce hearings and domestic abuse.

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