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Dividing your finances during divorce to support separate households can seem complex and conflictual. However, with the right legal guidance and a constructive focused approach, it is possible to achieve a settlement that you can live with and is fair to all.

A question we will ask is – what does a good outcome look like to you? We recognise that everyone has their own financial priorities, needs and interests and will always tailor our approach to take account of what matters most to you.

In the first instance, we will seek to achieve a financial settlement that you decide on, using resolution methods such as constructive negotiation, family mediation and collaborative law. However, where a settlement on financial arrangements cannot be achieved, we have the experience and court litigation skills needed to present your case in the best possible way in family court proceedings.

We will make sure all relevant financial issues are properly considered as part of your divorce financial settlement, including:

  • What will happen to the family home
  • Is spousal maintenance payable and for how long
  • How to calculate child maintenance
  • How will pension funds be shared
  • How are business interests valued
  • How will savings and investments be divided
  • What is non-matrimonial property
  • International assets

Our clients include professionals, business owners, retirees and those with international connections around the world, including in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, and their spouses. We have expertise advising middle-income and high net worth individuals and their families, with complex and valuable assets.

Whether you are unclear about your options and what to expect from a divorce settlement or know exactly what you want to achieve, our divorce solicitors can provide clear, sensible and pragmatic guidance to help you get the right divorce settlement for you and your family.

To discuss financial issues connected to divorce or separation with our experts, please contact your local team in Bath or Bristol:

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Why choose Sharp family law for your divorce financial settlement?

  • Sharp Family Law specialises in the field of family law and divorce court litigation. We are known for our constructive, strategic, and intelligent approach to family law.
  • Our goal is to find the most secure, long-term outcome for clients who are dealing with the breakdown of their marriage or other family law matters. We help clients to protect what matters most so they can successfully move forward with their lives.
  • As well as using our expertise, we work with a range of other professionals, including pension advisors and actuaries, forensic and tax accountants, financial planners and mortgage brokers to ensure that our approach meets the needs of your entire family.
  • Independent recognition for our expertise includes:
  • Our team’s training and professional memberships include:
    • Resolution – the professional network for family lawyers committed to taking a non-confrontational approach to family law
    • Richard Sharp is a trained collaborative lawyer and family mediator in both the UK and USA.

To find out more about our family lawyers’ individual expertise, please take a look at our team.

Choose the right approach for you and your family to deal with divorce financial issues

Constructive negotiation

In many cases, a financial settlement can be agreed relatively quickly through straightforward negotiation between you and your spouse. Our team can help to identify both parties’ circumstances and priorities, create a sensible, practical negotiating strategy, guide you through negotiations and draft the necessary agreement or order so you have the best chance of achieving a fair and long-term settlement amicably.


Many couples want to sort out a financial division themselves but cannot do so on their own. A professional Family Mediator can facilitate your discussion in an even-handed way, and without giving advice nor expressing opinions will help you make decisions about future outcomes based on an understanding of each other’s financial situation, and the realities you face.

Collaborative law

This process can help couples who want a creative and individualised range of financial outcomes, to decide between themselves how to restructure financial arrangements post separation and divorce. Meeting together with their trained collaborative lawyers, couples can problem solve and negotiate a financial arrangement based on what’s important to them and their family with the assistance of settlement focused professionals.

Applying to a Family Court for a Financial Order

Where a voluntary settlement cannot be agreed, or an amicable approach is not appropriate, it may be necessary to apply to a Family Court for a Financial Remedy Order. This allows the Court to decide how your financial arrangements should be determined. In such cases, we can ably represent you, ensuring your case is prepared and presented effectively, giving you the best chance of a fair outcome.

Common questions about divorce financial settlements

This will entirely depend on the circumstances with the key factors being how complicated your finances are and how willing both spouses are to find an acceptable financial settlement they can live with. Where a voluntary settlement can be agreed, it is often possible to achieve this within a matter of months. However, if court proceedings are required, the timetable imposed can typically take anywhere from nine months to two years to  arrive at a judicial decision.

This will depend on the complexity of your financial situation and the method used to reach the settlement. If you can agree a settlement voluntarily, it will generally be much less costly than if court proceedings are required.

To discuss the likely costs involved in reaching a financial settlement for your divorce, please get in touch.

These days, the majority of divorce settlements are agreed out of court. However, whether you will need to take the matter to court ultimately depends on how willing you and your spouse are to reach a voluntary agreement.

We take a pragmatic approach to divorce and separation, meaning we will always strive to achieve a voluntary settlement where possible, but we recognise this is not always the case. That said, we are regularly able to facilitate voluntary settlements even where there is considerable hostility from one or both parties.

We work with other professionals, including psychotherapists and relationship counsellors to help you get to the root of any unhelpful conflict and find ways to move beyond this where possible. As a result, a more positive relationship can often be achieved, making it easier to agree a settlement.

However, if your spouse is unwilling to consider working constructively with you, our team are fully prepared and able to robustly represent you in court proceedings to make sure you get the settlement you need from your divorce.

Speak to our divorce financial specialists in Bristol and Bath

For pragmatic, constructive and sensible advice on your divorce finances, please contact your local team in Bath or Bristol.

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