Divorce: a Challenge to face – not a War to win bannerDivorce: a Challenge to face – not a War to win banner

Divorce: a Challenge to face – not a War to win

Divorce: a Challenge to face – not a War to win

Facing a divorce is hard. It is mentally and physically taxing. You don’t sleep. You don’t eat. You worry about how life is going to be in the future, yet are stuck in the present needing to sort through it all – and then what about the kids, the house, the mortgage, the friends and family – it can be all too overwhelming and it’s tough.

Just when you don’t want to deal with your spouse and talk about the future, that is exactly what has to happen. And that is not the only negative aspect of the situation. Maybe you’ve talked for hours and got nowhere, and the fear is you will never agree on anything.

And then the divorce process can appear only to aggravate everything, creating division and increasing your pain, fears and frustrations. This is a vulnerable time. The end of a personal relationship can be the beginning of traumatic and emotional feelings, financial changes and legal processes. New ways to communicate and interact may need to be learnt, to work through the care of children, to decide on how to pay bills and how to reorganise and allocate things.

Despite the perceived obstacles, the possibility is there for separating and divorced couples to:

  • Successfully adjust to the realities of their new life
  • Reach agreeable financial settlements and child centred family solutions
  • Preserve relationships and move on with their lives

By exploring and using solution orientated processes like Collaborative Practice, Family Mediations or Constructive Negotiation, separating and divorcing couples can find, tailor and produce an outcome that would work for them and their family after separation and divorce.

To help achieve that outcome, the specialist family law solicitors and mediators at Sharp Family Law work to ensure that every client feels heard, maintains their respect and dignity in difficult times, is empowered and educated on all process options, and can make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

By working in collaboration with a team of experts that include Financial Planners, Child Specialists and Divorce therapists, we are also able to help clients work through the emotional, financial as well as the legal aspects of the challenge they face.

There may not be an alternative to divorce, but the way you divorce and react to it may be your choice.


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