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Divorce is likely to be one of the most difficult experiences anyone will go through during their lifetimes. Not only will you have to contend with the emotional fallout of ending a long-term relationship, but you will also be faced with number of practical, financial and legal challenges, all of which need to be handled sensitively and efficiently.

At Sharp Family Law, our specialist divorce solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon recognise this and can work alongside you to handle your divorce and all the complexities that come with it. Our focus is on achieving positive results for our clients, without having to go through potentially damaging and costly court proceedings wherever possible.

No matter how complex your divorce may be, we will always prioritise preserving important family relationships and keep things as non-acrimonious as possible, deploying a range of different approaches that are designed to reduce conflict wherever possible. These approaches may include constructive negotiation, collaborative law or mediation, depending on the circumstances.

However, where court proceedings are required, we have the experience and keen litigation skills to ensure your interests are protected. We will also do everything we can to support you emotionally through the process, keeping your stress to a minimum.

Sharp Family Law takes a modern, flexible approach to serving our clients. We committed to providing access to legal advice and assistance for everyone however and wherever it is needed and in whatever way works best for our clients.

We accept work in person and electronically, by email or by filesharing on numerous platforms. We offer conferences in person at our offices and by Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and FaceTime or other video systems, or by telephone.

To arrange an initial meeting with our divorce solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon, whether that be in person or electronically, please give us a call or use our simple online enquiry form to request a call back.

Our divorce and separation services in Bradford-on-Avon

Divorce and Separation

Whether or not it was your decision to launch divorce or separation proceedings, we will work closely with you so you can make the best possible decisions for both you and your family.

Our divorce solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon can give you clear, step-by-step guidance on the legal processes of divorce and separation, helping you to launch initial proceedings, or respond to proceedings which have been launched by your spouse.

We will make sure that you fully understand the legal issues associated with your divorce and what you can realistically organise without having to go to court.

Divorce and Finance

Dividing your finances during a divorce is often one of the most contentious issues to organise and, without the right legal advice and guidance, has the potential to lead to disruptive disputes.

Our divorce and finance solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon make sure to take a constructive approach to issues associated with finances, helping you to reach a settlement that is fair to both parties, and allows you to move ahead with your life in confidence.

In the first instance, we always seek to achieve a financial settlement that you and your former spouse decide on out of court. We have a wide range of expertise in this particular area, including in relation to divorce and property.

Children and Parenting

No matter what the circumstances of your divorce might be, one thing is for certain – the wellbeing of your children will always be your top priority. Our children and parenting solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon understand this and offer tailored, practical legal advice to make sure that arrangements for your children are suitable.

We are specialists when it comes to the field of child law and parenting arrangements and we put this expertise to good use, using a strategic approach to help families hold constructive discussions about the future of their family.

Our service also includes working alongside a range of other experts in this field, including mental health counsellors and child specialists, who help to ensure that all of the needs of your family are suitably met.

How we work through divorce and separation near Bradford-on-Avon

Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative process allows couples to replace the emotionally charged (and expensive) setting of divorce courts, with a private negotiating process behind closed doors.

This collaborative or “four-way” process involves both you and your former spouse, as well as your legal representatives, working together, via a series of “four-way” meetings, to reach a voluntary agreement on the practical details of your separation or divorce – for example, arranging your finances or deciding on what will happen to your children.

At the start of the process all four participants agree that they will work together to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome and agree that they will not ask a court to decide any issue. If either party does seek court intervention, then the legal representatives must withdraw. This does provide an incentive and a commitment from all involved to making the process a success. There is no formal timetable with this process, and it does give parties flexibility and control over the procedure and subsequent outcome.

Constructive Negotiation

Our Constructive Negotiation solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon can bring you and your former partner together to engage in round-the-table discussions which are specifically geared towards reaching an out-of-court settlement before the prospect of litigation even arises.

Constructive Negotiation works by having an in-depth discussion about the individual circumstances related to your divorce and, from here, tailoring a strategy that is designed to reach the best possible solution in a non-acrimonious manner.

The Constructive Negotiation process not only relies on getting to grips with your goals, but it also helps to you to better understand what your former partner’s ambitions are, significantly reducing the chances of miscommunication and conflict.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is another collaborative approach, which involves you and your partner coming together over a series of meetings with a neutral family mediator. The goal is to identify the issues that are preventing your from reaching an agreement, exploring the options available to you and using problem-solving techniques.

The mediator’s role is as you would imagine – to mediate. They are there to help guide discussions and ensure the discussion is productive. They do not offer any legal advice, nor do they side with either party.

Court Litigation

Though our divorce and separation solicitors in Bradford-on-Avon make every possible effort to reach an agreement out of court, there are certain situations where this is simply not possible.

For that reason, we can work alongside you to guide you through the entire litigation process, offering robust representation to ensure that you achieve a positive outcome.

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