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One Couple, One Lawyer

One Couple, One Lawyer

There’s a new way couples can arrange their family needs if they separate or divorce. One Couple, One Lawyer, provides impartial joint legal advice and assistance that can reduce conflict, cost and delay.

  • Limits conflict ….by meeting with one lawyer together in person or virtually who will help you identify, as a couple, what matters most to you both and the outcomes you seek to achieve. Your lawyer can then guide you through the legal process together rather than needing to instruct separate lawyers that can breed mistrust and conflict and leave couples defending their positions from the start.
  • Cuts cost ….by focusing only on the work needed to achieve your priorities and goals. Our attention will be on resolution and shared objectives. With only one lawyer acting for you both there is no duplication of work, and the fees can be shared and paid jointly by you.
  • Reduces delay ….by your lawyer facilitating early settlement discussions and advising on possible fair outcomes and options for you both to consider given your particular circumstances. You will then be guided to reach your own agreement as soon as is practicable.

The changes to the divorce laws implemented in April 2022 have paved the way for this new approach to resolving matters that can arise on separation and divorce. However, as it won’t be suitable for all couples, our specialist family lawyers at Sharp Family Law offer individual screening sessions to explore whether this approach is the best option for you..

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