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Divorce Costs

At Sharp Family Law, we strongly believe in being upfront and honest about the costs involved in the divorce process, no matter what the individual circumstances of your separation may be.

As every divorce or separation is unique, we tailor our support and advice to ensure you reach your desired outcome in the most cost-effective way possible. Whether this means utilising various methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, or court litigation, is dependent on each individual case.

Our team want to understand what is important to you and your family, which is why we will always send you a short questionnaire before we meet for the first time to help us better understand how we can help you.

To discuss your divorce, or any other matter related to your divorce or separation with our experts, please contact your local team in Bath or Bristol:

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What our fees cover

When you work with our divorce solicitors, you can rest assured that we will only ever charge you for the time we spend working on your case and giving you specific instructions. This also comes alongside certain third-party expenses such as court fees.

We will likely record time spent on completing actions such as:

  • Holding meetings and phone calls to discuss your situation
  • Creating and preparing papers for your divorce
  • Writing letters, emails, making phone calls and attending meetings with any other parties who are involved in your case
  • Using various methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve your divorce
  • Attending and representing you at court

Hourly rates and fixed fees

The time spent working on your case will usually be charged at the hourly rate set by the solicitor who is undertaking your case. The full details of these hourly rates will be explained in full during your first initial meeting.

Our solicitors also understand that the divorce and separation process can quickly become very expensive, which is why we strive to keep our fees as proportionate and affordable as possible.

For that reason, we offer, wherever possible, fixed fees for uncontested divorce, as well as other types of uncontested legal work.

We can also agree fees on a session-by-session basis for Family Mediation and Collaborative Law.

Financial support and Legal Aid

We are not able to offer publicly funded law services (often referred to as Legal Aid) for couples who are looking to divorce.

However, if you are on a low income, there is a chance that you will qualify for government support for your family law issue. To find out whether you do qualify, visit the government website.

Divorce cost estimates

In general, total divorce costs tend to range from between £900 and £2500, but this figure will depend on the circumstances of the divorce and which approach is taken to achieve a positive outcome. There may also be court fees to pay, as well as other additional third-party costs, which are detailed in the following section.

We produce very detailed pricing documents which will help us to establish exactly what you need from us and how much the required work is likely to cost. This then allows us to set out a budget and time period for the initial discussions, and opportunities to review your case so you can analyse whether it is cost effective.

What third party divorce costs exist?

There are a number of different third-party costs that will need to be paid when you are filing for a divorce in England and Wales. The costs may include:

  • Applying to court for a divorce or dissolution - £550
  • Filing for a consent order (when you agree on division of assets) - £50
  • Obtaining a copy of the marriage certificate - £12-£24
  • Applying for a Financial Remedy Order (when you cannot agree on division of finances) - £255
  • Foreign marriage certificate translation - £150

The petitioner (the party who files for the divorce) will usually be required to pay the court fee to submit the petition, as well as the cost of having the petition drawn up. In certain situations, it may be possible to make a claim for costs against the other party (the respondent), which can be for both the court fees and the paperwork.

Sharp Family Law will often seek to reach an early agreement on sharing these costs between the parties, which helps to set the tone for the overall divorce process, making the situation much more amicable.

Speak to our divorce and family law specialists in Bath and Bristol

Sharp Family Law takes a modern, flexible approach to serving our clients. We committed to providing access to legal advice and assistance for everyone however and wherever it is needed and in whatever way works best for our clients.

Our team are dedicated to helping you and your family find amicable agreements which help to reduce the potential for harmful and ultimately costly court proceedings wherever possible.

We are able to accept work in person and electronically, by email or by filesharing on numerous platforms. We offer conferences in person at our offices and by Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and FaceTime or other video systems, or by telephone.

To discuss your divorce, or any other matter related to your divorce or separation with our experts, please contact your local team in Bath or Bristol:

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