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“Time to Talk this Bank Holiday Weekend”

“Time to Talk this Bank Holiday Weekend”

After a busy week, a Bank Holiday Weekend provides a good opportunity for couples and families to get away and spend time together. But motorists stuck in traffic and miserable weather is the prediction in most newspapers for this Bank Holiday weekend.

With over 22.3 million motorists expected to hit the roads, an RAC spokesman has summed it up by stating “Despite more downpours on the way, this weekend looks set to be one of the busiest of the summer with extra traffic on the roads.”

Although, more than 3.6m motorists will take a trip involving at least one night away, many will spend an average of 2 hours 35 minutes in their vehicles over the Bank Holiday weekend – with almost a quarter of drivers set to spend over four hours in their car.

With these dreary statistics ringing in my head, I read with interest an article in the United Airlines Inflight Magazine brought back by my son from his summer break in the USA, that measured topics explored during a two-day road trip. The article “Chat-O-Meter” reported that of the topics explored:

  • 15% were on careers,
  • 10% on music/tv/movies/books,
  • 10% on gossip
  • 5% on observations from the car
  • 5% on the future
  • 5% on the family
  • 2% on current events
  • 1% asking “what song is this”
  • 7% other topics

Quickly adding together the above percentages, I realised that 40% of the topics had been left unaccounted for. They turned out to be topics on relationships (15%) and silence (25%). Unfortunately, the article didn’t state whether the one followed the other. If they do, then perhaps it’s the couples and families this Bank Holiday weekend who stay, enjoy the comforts of home and take time to talk with each other that will benefit from it the most.


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