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Civil Partnership Dissolution

When a relationship breaks down, having to apply for a civil partnership dissolution can be an understandably daunting prospect – particularly if you have never gone through the process before. We also understand that many people worry that ending their civil partnership will lead to lengthy and expensive legal proceedings and litigation.

At Sharp Family Law, our specialist civil partnership solicitors take every possible step to ensure that you and your former partner are able to take a practical and constructive approach to your dissolution.

No matter how complex the circumstances of your civil partnership dissolution may appear to be, our solicitors focus on providing tailored advice and guidance that enables you to decide exactly how you want to proceed. We always focus on offering close personal support that allows you to achieve your goals with minimal costs and stress.

We have specialist expertise in a wide range of approaches that help to reduce conflict in family law matters, such as constructive negotiation, collaborative law and mediation.

Sharp Family Law accept work in person and electronically, by email or by filesharing on various platforms. We offer conferences in person, at our offices and by Skype for business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and FaceTime or other video systems, or by telephone.

To arrange an initial meeting with one of the civil partnership dissolution solicitors, whether that is in person or electronically, please give us a call or use our simple enquiry form to request a call back.

Our civil partnership dissolution expertise

Submitting civil partnership dissolution applications

There is a strict process that needs to be followed when you are making an application for a civil partnership dissolution. Our solicitors can work alongside you to ensure that no minor detail is overlooked and that all the essential documentation is filled out accurately and in a timely fashion.

If your former partner agrees to the dissolution of your civil partnership, this will mean that it is very unlikely you will need to attend court. As we place a strong emphasis on non-confrontational methods of finalising civil partnership dissolutions, this is the exact outcome we always strive to achieve in the first instance.

Contested civil partnership dissolutions

There may be certain situations where your former partner objects to the dissolution. In these instances, we can work alongside you to engage in negotiations that help to resolve the issue out of court, using various methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Where reaching an agreement out of court simply is not possible, our team can be by your side to prepare your case and represent you during court proceedings.

Arrangements for finances

Making arrangements for finances during a civil partnership dissolution can prove to be a point of contention for many couples, especially if there is any disagreement over what each partner has contributed to the relationship.

There are a number of ways in which your finances can be separated following a civil partnership dissolution, many of which can be achieved out of court and during the general negotiation process.

If necessary, our team can also help you make an application to court to turn any financial agreements into legally binding Consent Orders. This means, if your partner does not stick to its terms, you will be able to apply to court to enforce it.

Arrangements for children

As with financial arrangements, decisions about your children can also prove to be difficult to solve. Both parents will, of course, want what is best for their children, but there are certain situations where there are disagreements that need to be resolved quickly and with minimal disruption.

You will need to agree on various matters related to your children, including:

  • Where they will live
  • How much time they spend with each parent
  • Key decisions about their general upbringing
  • Contact with other relatives, such as grandparents
  • Whether the children can go abroad, either on holiday or to live permanently

It is always possible to come to an agreement out of court, and, if necessary, this can be made legally binding with a Child Arrangements Order.

Why choose Sharp Family Law for advice about civil partnership dissolution?

Sharp Family Law is one of the largest family law firms in Bath and Bristol. We have specialist expertise and experience in supporting families to find positive solutions to their issues and are well renowned for our constructive and personal approach.

Our approach is to focus on what you are looking to achieve, offering tailored advice to ensure you reach a positive outcome. We are not a ‘one-size fits all’ firm – we want to make sure we tailor our advice to fit the dissolution process around you, rather than fitting you into the process.

We also understand that going through a civil partnership dissolution may be the first time you have had to deal with complex financial or familial arrangements. For that reason, we offer one to one guidance on these matters, referring you to specialists such as financial or pension advisors where necessary.

Independent recognition for our family law expertise includes:

Our team’s training and professional memberships include:

  • Several members of Resolution – the professional network for family lawyers committed to taking a non-confrontational approach to family law
  • Richard Sharp is a trained collaborative lawyer and family mediator in both the UK and USA

To find out more about our family lawyers’ individual expertise, please take a look at our team.

Our approaches to civil partnership dissolution

Collaborative law

Collaborative law replaces the emotionally charged setting of court, which can often serve as a way of driving a further divide between you and your former partner.

The process involves you and your former partner working together, alongside your legal representatives, to find a voluntary agreement. You have the chance to speak about the practical details relating to your dissolution in a non-confrontational environment.

Constructive Negotiation

During Constructive Negotiation, you and your former partner meet together for round-the-table discussions about your dissolution.

It works by prompting you to have a detailed discussion about your situation and the circumstances relating to your dissolution so you can create a strategy moving forwards. The process allows you to get a better understanding of what your partner is also looking to achieve, so there is less chance of miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Family mediation

Family mediation shares similarities with the previous two approaches, but the main difference is that it involves the assistance of a neutral family mediator.

The mediator will be present to mediate the discussion and nothing more. They cannot offer any specific legal advice or side with one party.

Court litigation

Court proceedings are always likely to be the last resort, but there are certain situations where it is the only logical step forward to achieve a positive outcome.

In these situations, we can work alongside you during the entire court litigation process, offering robust representation to ensure you achieve a positive outcome.

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To arrange an initial meeting with one of the civil partnership dissolution solicitors, whether that is in person or electronically, please give us a call or use our simple enquiry form to request a call back.